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Mens Issues

Often men feel that they are not coping and feel that everything is overwhelming. Men sometimes feel angry and are not sure why or find that they cant get over their anger. Sometimes they feel that there is something they want to talk about but feel that their partner or friends are not the right people to talk to about it because they want someone who is independent and not connected to them in any way.

Macarthur Practice offers a counselling service that has many years experience working with males of all ages including teenagers who are having personal, behavioural or relationship problems.

Counselling has it’s foundations in the understanding of human behaviours and emotions and through counselling people make decisions and find solutions for their problems by developing strategies. There is no one kind of person who goes to counselling. The only thing that our clients have in common is that they are troubled by, or seeking solutions for their problems.

The service we offer is non judgemental, non threatening, non intimidating and strictly confidential.

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